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Your website is the hub of your internet marketing. It’s the only online asset that is 100% yours. Unlike the other platforms that round out your online presence, such as social media channels and directory listings, you have complete control over your website and its design, which means it needs to be the central platform for all of your online activity.

Having a well-branded website that appeals to visitors and captures qualified leads is an important part of your marketing strategy. A strong, full service website draws visitors in and encourages them to spend time on your site, reviewing your information, clicking on your links and becoming engaged in your business.

The goal of your website is obvious: to convert visitors into sales leads and, ultimately, customers. To do this, your website design must set you apart from the competition and give your target market a reason to contact your business. There is an art to having a website that is inviting, informative and influential, all at the same time.

Our team at RedShift knows how important it is for you to have a visually appealing business website that gets your message out there. Not only that, but the design needs to be mobile friendly and fully optimized for search and conversion. Whether you need a completely new design or a few tweaks here and there, our goal is to deliver a website that helps your users find what they’re looking for and converts them into paying customers.

To design and build your compelling, functional website, we start by learning about you, your business and your target audience. Then, using our expertise, we mesh that information together with what we know your website needs to be successful.


The Steps to a Successful Web Design Project

The first stage is all about the discovery process, where we learn about you and your business. We want you to share your design wants, needs, goals, must-haves, nice-to-haves and everything in between. You can tell us about your digital marketing goals, any special functionality you want your website to have and your entire design vision so we can bring it to life. We also want to learn about your target audience — who they are and why these are the consumers you want for your business. 

During our web design services, our designers focus on the user experience. Even though this is your website, it isn’t for you — it’s for the user, your potential customers. We want users to easily navigate your website and find the information they need. During this step, we will deliver a sitemap, wireframes and visual designs for your custom homepage and your interior pages.

We also take a “mobile-first” approach to web design, because if you’re not optimized for mobile viewing, you’re missing out on an enormous amount of potential customers. Mobile devices offer a great opportunity to increase your exposure and solidify your brand. Expertly crafted mobile websites improve the user experience and increase your value to your customers and potential customers by allowing them to stay connected to you anytime, anywhere.

According to Statista, mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the second quarter of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 51.53 percent of global website traffic — a number that has consistently hovered around the 50 percent mark since the beginning of 2017. If your website is too hard to navigate on a mobile device, potential customers won’t even give you the time of day.

Once you’ve approved our designs and plans for your website, our web designers need to make it come to life. Our experienced team of developers not only turns the designs into a real, interactive website, but they also test each component to make sure it functions as you imagined.

After you approve the final, developed design, we’ll deploy your new website and make it available to internet users everywhere. We’ll test the site across multiple browsers and go through a vigorous debugging process. Most importantly, we will make sure you have a smooth transition from your current site to your new and improved site.

An effective, sales-driven website should be a continuation of your brand. It should be well-designed and visually appealing, organized and easy to navigate, and it should contain information that establishes you as an expert in your field. If this doesn’t sound like your website, contact RedShift today to learn more about how our website design can help you take your business to the next level.



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