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I just wanted Redshift to know how great we all thought the second annual Compassionate Care Gala was thanks to all your efforts. You all do incredible work for us and you worked hard at the Gala itself and we love you for everything.

Carol B. Mitchell

Founder and Former CEO of Verland

We value our long-time partnership with RedShift’s creative team. They understand our brand and our business and never fail to deliver both winning concepts and high-quality execution.

Wendy West Hickey

Manager, Communications & Community Relations

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Our team enjoys working with RedShift to shape and innovate our digital strategy. Skilled at building brands and solving today’s challenges that exist at the intersection of creativity & commerce, we rely on this team to help grow our business. You can count on RedShift.

Greg Czerpak

President & Chief Operating Officer

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RedShift stood out from the other options primarily through its people. I wanted to have a personal relationship with the firm I was working with, to know the people fully understood what I was trying to accomplish. When you’re trying to market on the internet, there’s all different people and populations you can be reaching. But, if you’re trying to target specific populations, that takes real expertise. That’s where RedShift has helped the most. The biggest achievement with RedShift has been a website that looks beautiful. I get constant comments about how attractive and user-friendly it is, and I am now very successful in getting users on the site. The biggest reason I would recommend RedShift is that they treat you like a partner; you know they’re invested in your success. I’ve just really enjoyed working with them.

Dan Lebish

Founder & President

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When we came to RedShift we were an old, small company looking to grow, and that meant major shifts in strategy and approach. The digital space was something that we weren’t well versed in, and RedShift helped us navigate through this ever-changing landscape. Despite our constrained budget, they helped us accomplish our goals within our means. Since working with RedShift our singular focus has been growth, and because of them we’ve seen year over year increases in percentages, new users, returned visitors and all of our other key metrics. RedShift exceeded our expectations across the board as far as customer service, strategy and next steps for further growth. Regardless of your size or constraints, RedShift does whatever it takes, just as they would for their biggest client.

Patrick D. Jardini


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Jeff and the team over at RedShift has been vital in elevating our marketing strategy…which is now far ahead of the rest of our industry. From Hubspot integration to content creation and In-bound lead generation, RedShift helped us realize how we wanted our marketing and messaging to work for us. We are now analytics driven and highly digital. RedShift helped us move away from the antiquated way of marketing. They are very responsive and we see them as an extension of our own team.

Mike Viola

Marketing Director

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When we began our partnership with RedShift, we had hoped they would bring fresh ideas, excellent customer service, and deliver results.

What we actually got: A team that won’t settle. Professionals that are experienced and intentional, resulting in strategically designed, high-quality deliverables. Agile, responsive, and prepared project managers – qualities that are invaluable to a small business. And exceptional relationships with people that want to see your organization succeed as if it’s their own.

Miranda Waters

Manager of Marketing and Sales Operations

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RedShift has played an instrumental role in helping us with our digital Marketing needs. We rely on their expertise and know-how to accomplish our most important Marketing needs and they have always delivered. The team at RedShift is courteous, fast and dependable. They always come prepared for our discussions, offer helpful advice to optimize and improve on our existing marketing program and can be relied upon to shift priorities as they arise. I would recommend RedShift to anyone looking for a partner to help with their Marketing needs.

Antonio Scatena

Sales and Marketing Director

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Working with RedShift has done wonders for our brand awareness, event promotion, and custom design elements. Not only have they helped us establish a streamlined and professional look but they have also taught us key marketing skills along the way. I love that they take the time to explain the ideology behind each project so that we can understand and apply the lessons learned in other areas of our association.

Jackie Brown

Associate Director

We were looking for a marketing company that would meet our particular needs and help us bring to life the website we had in mind. RedShift provided us with a wonderful, professional team with innovative ideas, great customer service and provided us with exactly what we were looking for. They are definitely experts in the field of marketing, both online and traditional. This company does what they say and has exceeded our expectations. Thanks, guys!

—Jeff Costa

Founder & Operating Manager

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