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What is SEO?

You’ve probably heard of SEO. It’s a hot-button topic generating much buzz, especially over the last few years. The pandemic helped to shine a spotlight on the need for brands to take SEO seriously and incorporate it into their digital marketing strategies. Pre-COVID, Google search traffic averaged around 3.6 billion searches per day. But from March 2020 to the present, that traffic jumped to approximately 6 billion daily searches.

Considering that 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search, marketers quickly realized just how valuable SEO and high-quality content are.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is enhancing your website and content with the ultimate goal of being more search-engine friendly. Hence, your content ranks higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

Optimized content focuses on the best possible user experience. It’s well-organized and easily readable for your human audience and search engine bots that crawl, index, and rank your web pages.

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of all website traffic comes from organic search

Why is SEO a Must-Have in Digital Marketing?

The way audiences respond to ads has changed. Consider this: 42.7% of internet users worldwide use an adblocker to eliminate those obnoxious pop-up ads.

It’s no surprise that people are tired of interruptive advertisements – on average, a person is bombarded with anywhere between 6,500 and 11,000 ads per day. People have become ad-blind and don’t trust old-school, flashy sales pitches anymore. SEO is different because the goal is to provide useful, relevant, engaging content first and make the sale second.

Think of it this way – instead of a sleazy salesman shouting in your face, SEO is your friendly neighbor having a casual conversation over the fence about how he solved a problem with a useful new product that a friend recommended. SEO is an inbound marketing technique that offers a soft sell, not a hard sell.

How Can SEO

Help My Business?

High-quality content that is optimized for search engines has a long list of benefits for businesses, including:

Example Of Search Results

Redshift SEO Services

We understand the importance of SEO because we started on the other side of the desk. We were clients ourselves. We hired multiple SEO agencies and were disappointed by the negative experiences.

So, we set out to do better. We wanted to be a true SEO partner, not just another vendor.

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Technical SEO Audit and Fixes

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Off-Page SEO Audit and Linkbuilding

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General SEO

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Website UX Audit

Seo Audit Icon

On-Page SEO Audit and Fixes

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Page Speed and Core Vitals Optimization

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Local SEO

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Website E-E-A-T

The Redshift SEO Process

We aren’t your average search engine optimization service. When you partner with us, your business benefits from our all-encompassing process to improve your website’s SEO and design a strategy that meets your brand’s unique individual goals and needs.

Technical SEO Audit and Fixes
Proper search engine optimization includes many factors beyond creating high-quality content. At its core, SEO is all about providing the best user experience possible. This is where a comprehensive technical audit can reveal issues on your website that may be impacting your search ranking potential. Your users will be happy with the updates, and so will Google.
Competitive Analysis
Any marketing initiative that doesn’t focus on data and analysis is doomed to fail. We measure and monitor progress while relying on the numbers to guide us. So we can examine what’s working, what isn’t, and where we can make changes to the marketing strategy to maximize your business’s SEO success.
Keyword Research
High-quality content is great, but if it’s not targeting specific keywords, it will not perform as well. We take the stress out of keyword research, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our experts will examine your industry niche to find optimal, low-competition keywords worth targeting.
Content Strategy and Creation
High-quality content is great, but if it’s not targeting specific keywords, it will not perform as well. We take the stress out of keyword research, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our experts will examine your industry niche to find optimal, low-competition keywords worth targeting.
On-page Optimization
Individual web pages have many opportunities to be better optimized for search engines. We look at everything from content, to keywords, to graphic design, multimedia usage, page load speed, and more.
Content Distribution and Syndication
Content distribution is releasing your content onto different channels, platforms, websites, or other digital spaces. Content syndication, on the other hand, encourages third-party websites to republish all or part of your content with your permission and any required accreditations and/or backlinks. Both methods of releasing your content should be important factors in your marketing game plan.
Link Building
Google relies on links to help determine the worth of a webpage. Backlinks to your website from credible sources strongly signal to Google that your content is high quality. This is why we include link building as a critical aspect of your brand’s digital marketing strategy – to help you establish your domain as an authority worth linking to. Both methods of releasing your content should be important factors in your marketing game plan.
KPI Reporting
Without key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the progress of your marketing campaign, there’s no way to know if your efforts and investments paid off. Part of our process is to understand your target KPIs upfront, so we know which goals are most important to your business. Those KPIs are critical to providing you with the best marketing strategy. As we work with you to implement your digital marketing campaigns, we measure those targeted KPIs and provide you with reports so you can see the growth in real numbers and not just take our word for it.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Vital to All of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

There’s a reason 92% of marketers and businesses see SEO content as a valuable business asset. Search engine optimization and content marketing go hand-in-hand. SEO content drives 1,000% more traffic than organic social media.

Is it any wonder Content Marketing Institute reported that content creation is currently the top outsourced activity?

Marketers are seeing the value of using SEO and content marketing to drive digital marketing campaigns forward in ways that traditional advertising can’t do anymore. 

How to Choose the Best SEO Services Company

Anyone can promise to increase their SEO ranking. How do you choose the right search engine optimization services?

The company you choose to partner with should be up to date with current digital marketing practices and SEO updates, as well as how SEO plays into the bigger marketing picture.

Look for a partner ready to commit to a long-term strategy, analysis, and follow-up, not a vendor chomping at the bit to take your money, perform a quick audit, and provide a short list of suggestions – then never respond to your messages afterward.

WHY CHOOSE RedShift for Your SEO Services?

We’re here because we’ve been in your seat before and were tired of the bad practices in the search engine optimization services industry. We set out to build the agency we wish we’d been able to work with. See the RedShift difference:


We made it our mission to eliminate excess costs, inconsistencies, and unpredictability that have become an unfortunate part of the client experience with many other agencies. We’re here to help you


Your needs and goals come first. We rely on a results-driven digital marketing game plan centered around SEO excellence.


Just like any other type of relationship, communication is key. We clearly define objectives and set realistic expectations, and we’ll keep you updated at every stage of the process.


No surprises! We want to be your trusted partner, not just another vendor. We’re upfront with our plans, expectations, and analyses, so you get the information you need to make the best-educated decisions for your business.

We broke the status quo by building upon a finite system that exponentially produces results with greater attention to detail.

Once we start a project with you, we plan to see it through long-term. From the initial analysis to the tactical marketing plan, to the implementation, to the data reports measuring campaign success, we’re with you every step.

FAQs About SEO Services

SEO builds your brand’s E-A-T, improves organic online discovery in search engines, and boosts conversion rates by using a soft-sell approach rather than the abrasive hard-sell tactics that audiences have been shying away from over the last few years.

On-page SEO optimizes individual web pages in order to improve their relevancy and overall ranking in search engines.

Local SEO targets localized search results on Google when online users are searching for specific businesses and services within their area.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This practice aims to increase organic web traffic by optimizing a website and online content for search engines, while improving a user’s experience.

SEM stands for search engine marketingUnlike SEO, this marketing method relies on paid strategies to improve search visibility. You’ll recognize SEM as the paid results at the top of the SERP page.

PPC stands for pay-per-click. This is another type of paid marketing, in which advertisers pay a fee whenever someone clicks on one of their ads.

Your results will vary depending on the specific inbound marketing goals you are targeting with your SEO digital marketing strategy. Some of the most common KPIs that clients use to measure their results include:

  • Lead generation
  • Click-through rates (CTRs)
  • Brand awareness
  • Ranked keywords
  • Organic web traffic
  • On-site conversion rates
  • Social media shares
  • Email subscribers
  • Ebook (or other types of digital content) downloads

On average, it takes about 3-6 months before you start seeing results from SEO campaigns. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t see an immediate return on your investment, like you would with a PPC ad. SEO takes time, but once the ROI starts rolling in, you’ll be seeing long-term results.

The biggest ROI for search engine optimization services is going to be organic traffic. What happens to that traffic once readers find your content depends on the KPIs you set when you formulated your marketing strategy.

For example, do you want users to share your content on Facebook? Subscribe to your newsletter? Buy a product?

Honestly, it depends on the SEO company you choose as your partner. We’ve worked with some bad apples in the past, which is why we decided to create our own agency and solve the problems we’d encountered as clients of other SEO companies.

When you partner with a reliable search engine optimization service that is invested in your business and your success, the results will speak for themselves.

Yes! Content marketing that leverages search engine optimization costs an average of 62% less than traditional marketing, and it generates approximately 3x as many leads.

SEO traffic is well worth the effort you put into creating optimized content. It generates 5x greater traffic than PPC – and 10x greater traffic than social media. The better question here is, why are you paying for ads when you can attract more traffic organically?

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