You Need an Integrated, Strategic Campaign that works Best for Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Advertising in Pittsburgh is the art of using specific types of media to reach your target audience — and at RedShift, we’re one of the few agencies that knows how to leverage the strength of market research to identify your target audience and develop a strategic advertising campaign that will work best for your overall marketing strategy.

We use all available data sources to figure out your targets, markets, timing, media types and messaging. Based on your audience, the goals you have for your campaign and our hard data, our integrated, all-encompassing approach combines digital and traditional (print, television, outdoor, radio and more) advertising methods to maximize your spend and achieve your goals.

We’ll help to get you wherever you want to be seen. Our media pros will discover where we’ll be most successful in reaching your audience and help you craft the ads, messages and stories that will capture their interest.  

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Integrated Media Planning

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all media strategy. The goals and challenges of each business are unique and need to be customized. This means that the media strategy we employ for you during your advertising campaigns is the product of research and insights that we gather during the discovery stage of our process.

An integrated media planning approach makes sure that every media channel is evaluated — traditional, non-traditional, digital, emerging, mass or hyperlocal tactics are often used as a combination, because today’s media landscape continues to blur the lines between mediums.

We also know that your businesses don’t stand still. This means that our media strategy is constantly evolving as we adjust and optimize our media activity to capitalize on fresh developments.

We'll position you in front of your target market for maximum visibility.


Media Buying & Execution

Though the multi-platform media landscape can be a challenge, it also creates opportunities for more efficient and effective media buying. Our media buying team brings together the different types of media and advertising to reach your target audience wherever they consume content. We also offer unique added-value opportunities including integrations, sponsorships and bonus exposure.

At RedShift, we offer marketing services that help you attract sales leads, earn customers and grow your business. We do this through an expert strategy of advertising and internet-savvy tactics that are customized to fit the unique needs of your business.

One thing we all have in common at RedShift is that we’re all different. We’re a combination of different styles, different outlooks, different voices and different approaches — and being that different allows us to come up with a ton of unique and fun ways to help you advertise.

We understand the dynamics of the ever-changing competitive landscape that businesses face and offer advertising tools that can help you maintain that competitive edge, even through the twists and turns of the market.


Public Relations

Public relations is news. It is not paid advertising. It is using the news media to carry positive stories about your company and to cultivate good relationships with your audiences. Public relations is your reputation and a conversation. It’s a way that small and large businesses alike can communicate with their audience.

From leadership transitions and company restructuring, to stakeholder engagement and reputation management, public relations is a key driver of business outcomes vital to organizational success. Never before have strategy, foresight and responsiveness been so crucial to navigating modern day PR challenges. You’d be surprised at the business outcomes you can reap from a press release.


At RedShift, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to public relations. This is about your reputation, and we take that seriously. We can show you how to integrate your PR strategy with your promotion, social media and website to give you a better strategic approach.

Large or small, Fortune 500 or startup, we’ll tailor a public relations strategy that aligns with your business goals and leverages the most effective delivery methods to communicate unique, accurate and consistent messages to your most important stakeholder groups, including customers, shareholders, regulators, news media, the public and community groups.

Whether your company needs to boost sales or build credibility, we help create a meaningful dialogue that resonates with your key audiences, builds trust and awareness and drives results that keep your organization relevant and competitive.

Public relations have continually evolved but have never become less important — in fact, some believe public relations are even more important today than they have been in the past. Public relations goes beyond pitching a story. It’s about being strategic to find the right people to help share your message, targeting the proper audience, inserting yourself into relevant conversations and telling your story.

Whether you’re looking for a custom and strategic media and PR plan or just need support, we can help.



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