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The population of Pittsburgh is nearly 300,000 people, making it the 66th largest city in the country.  There are dozens of ways for businesses to grow their local markets. They need to learn how to help customers find them.

That’s where a Pittsburgh SEO company comes into play. Our local SEO agency is here to help businesses thrive through our unwavering service, relentless accountability, and clarity of communication in digital marketing.

Why is Working with a Pittsburgh SEO Company Important?

Since 68% of online experiences begin on a search engine, people find businesses by searching for what they need online. Competing against nearly 2 billion websites for a top spot on search engine result pages (SERPs) is daunting. However, with local SEO, businesses have less competition – which helps them reach a specific audience more relevant to their company.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Pittsburgh SEO Company?

By hiring a local SEO marketing company, businesses can rest assured their marketing agency knows the local market. 

Here are Seven Benefits a Pittsburgh Digital Marketing Agency can Provide.

The first place most people turn to for business information is Google My Business (GMB).

Over 60% of customers using smartphones will contact a business directly from their GMB listing. It’s like a business’s virtual storefront window.

If a business wants their GMB listing to come up in search results, hiring a local SEO company like RedShift that understands both SEO and the search habits of the area is essential for optimizing a business page.

Over six billion people use smartphones globally, with over 60% to 70% of searches performed through those devices. As a result, businesses that want to reach a wider audience need to focus on more platforms.

Strong SEO practices include customizing the appearance of content so users have a positive experience accessing it across all devices.

Companies create a personal connection with their customers by including local events, local stories, and local content on their websites. A local SEO agency is up to date with the latest happenings in the area and knows how to naturally weave in data and events to catch the community’s attention.

For example, a local SEO agency would know when Pittsburgh’s annual Restaurant Week takes place and can optimize local restaurant websites to highlight offerings and deals for that week.

There are many national and international directories like Yelp and MapQuest that businesses can exploit. But local SEO agencies are also familiar with directories specific to an area that can also be optimized for your business’s advantage.

SEO relies on the use of keywords to show up in relevant searches. Yet, location plays an important role in what keywords are most popular for that area.

For example, people in colder states are more likely to search for “hot coffee shops” while locals in hotter states will search for “iced coffee locations.”

The other half of strong SEO includes quality links that tell Google that a business is reliable. Links also associate content with other related content, which helps websites appear in relevant searches.

Compared to their counterparts, local SEO agencies are more familiar with local businesses that can boost a company’s ranking in the community. Having those links build a business’s local reputation.

Over 93% of customers read online reviews. Receiving positive reviews boosts a business’s reliability and trust. However, negative reviews can hurt a business unless businesses quickly and respectfully address them.

SEO agencies understand the importance of reviews and include ways for customers to leave reviews, encouraging positive feedback to raise a company’s ratings.

How to Choose a Pittsburgh SEO Agency

Finding a local SEO service in Pittsburgh for your business doesn’t have to be a challenge. A strong SEO agency will be reliable, proven, and understand the needs of your company.

Here are some factors to help determine if a local SEO company is the right fit:

Why Choose RedShift as Your Pittsburgh SEO Company

At RedShift, we know how to create a positive client experience because we have been there ourselves. RedShift focuses on becoming the marketing agency we wish we had. We create custom strategies pulled from our knowledge of the Pittsburgh area, not cookie-cutter solutions.

We Achieve Our Results Through: 







These values set us apart as a Pittsburgh SEO company that dozens of local businesses rely on for their marketing needs.

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We’ll show you our custom growth solution that can have your business thriving.

Our SEO Process

We begin our SEO process by determining what best supports your business objectives. Here are eight methods we use to deliver the best results to our clients:


Technical site audit

A staple for all websites


Competitive analysis

Knowing how your competitors stack up is key and gives us something to shoot for


Keyword research

Helps us get into the mind of the customer and focus on different stages of the buyer’s journey


Content strategy and creation

On-site and off-site


On-page optimization

Key for local and national SEO campaigns


Content distribution and syndication


Link Building

Includes local citations, social signals for local, and broader link outreach for local and national


KPI reporting


Below, we have put together answers to questions we often get from our prospects.

SEO optimizes content for national and international searches. However, local SEO customizes content for a specific area so a business will appear in searches performed within that area.

SEO works for all online content, including websites, blogs, local pages, and social media websites. Whether you only want SEO to optimize your social media presence or want to expand – RedShift can help your business gain visibility.

Our goal is to create an efficient and stress-free plan. We will provide the strategy and tools for solid SEO in your business, then stay with you through the process so you don’t need to worry about what steps to take next.

One of the best ways to know if your SEO company is working is by monitoring your organic search traffic. If more people visit your website, your SEO company succeeded in getting your business noticed and your investment is paying off.



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