Tell your story, expand communication and capture attention in a way that no other medium can

Are you looking to create video marketing for your website? How about to post on your company social media profiles? Do you want a demo video that shows off your product or service — maybe even an animated rendering or graphic? What about doing a video interview that includes client testimonials?

Video is a great supplement to written content that allows you to tell your story, expand communication and capture the attention of consumers in a way that no other medium can. No matter what product or service you’re selling, video can bring it to life and show, rather than tell, consumers why they can’t live without it. 

Businesses today operate in a visual world where high-quality videos can capture and hold attention better than any other media out there. The popularity of YouTube, social media video-viewing, mobile video-viewing and video blogging is proof of this. Cisco reports that by 2022, online videos will make up over 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. Google reports that users often feel a personal connection and trust towards brands that use video marketing content on devices.

This proves that video can be the most impactful and versatile tool in your marketing arsenal. You want your video messages to be high quality and make an impact in marketing your brand, which means you’ll need a team who can help you create the best video content possible. But it also goes farther than that — we can help you figure out what platform is best to use for promotion, how to make sure your videos have the best search engine optimization and how to make sure your video is seen by your target audience.


Video Production is Key for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

At RedShift, we’re proud of our full range of video production services. Our acquisition of Mirage Marcom has given us the capabilities of a full-service video production company. We can provide your business with all aspects of video production, from project management and video production planning to storyboards, full video editing, conceptualizing to script-writing, and produced across multiple video types from graphics to 3-D computer animation and special effects. We work with you to create a clear vision of your project from the start. You decide on your budget, give input during script development, and are a key decision-maker in all steps of the process with as much control as you desire.

Like all aspects of your marketing strategy, you will get the best ROI by working with a company that will immerse itself in your brand’s story to best understand how to create and convey powerful messaging that resonates with your audience. .  This is how RedShift includes our clients in every step of the video production process:



Get Everything You Need for Your Video Production Needs...In One Place

With our in-house editing capabilities, you can oversee the entire editing process, and you’ll get your final video in whatever format you need. We can assist your team in any of these aspects of video production:

  • Shooting with one of our many cameras
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Recording audio
  • Editing in Adobe Premiere
  • Hiring crew and managing logistics
  • Adding graphics or motion graphics to your video
  • Writing scripts or creating storyboards
  • Casting talent and auditioning actors
  • Providing wardrobe direction
  • Scouting and managing locations

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