Fill Your Open Positions: SEO for Job Postings and Other Digital Considerations

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Finding the right employees and ensuring you are staffed to meet demand is a priority for any company.  Today most job seekers use online resources, job boards, and company websites to find their next jobs.  Make sure your job posting is found by taking a few easy technical and non-technical steps.

SEO for Job Postings

SEO for job postings is a thing.  Both for your website’s rankings and Google’s job board.  Nothing is more important in your job posting than the details of the actual position.  Make sure everything a potential employee needs to know is in that job posting.

This is essential for two reasons: 

  • A prospective employee needs to know what they are applying for
  • Google needs to know before it shows that job posting in its search results

It sounds almost too simple, but each job posting needs to have the following:

  • Job Title-Focused Keyword.  This is the job itself – for example, “Digital Marketing Manager” or “CDL Driver” – but these keywords can also include the skills or attributes of your ideal candidate for the position.  Are you looking for an MBA? 10 years of experience?
  • A Location. This is also a major factor, be sure to actually state the city and state.
  • It is worth noting that if your company uses an uncommon title for a particular position, I suggest using a more common term.  Think of the keyword that potential employees will use to search for positions.  Digital Marketing Mastermind will not be one of them but a Digital Marketing Manager will.


Schema Matters

Google has its own job board that is becoming increasingly popular with job searchers. To fill this job board, Google is constantly crawling the web for positions to post on their board.

These postings will send prospective employees back to your site to apply. So how do you ensure your job posting is served in these results? Schema.

Schemas are basically common words or tags that are placed on your website to ensure search engines understand your content. There is a particular schema for job postings that help Google quickly find the job title, location, description, employment type, etc.

This extra step will go a long way to ensure your postings are served where prospective employees are. If you need some help with this, our SEO Services can go a long way in taking some pressure off of you and your team.

Seo For Job Postings And Other Digital Considerations

Prepare Your Website 

Naturally, prospective employees will not look at just the job posting but also the rest of your website before applying. You need to make sure your company puts its best foot forward. Your company website is a place to not only promote a product or service but also highlight your company culture.

Does your website include the following:

  • Employee testimonials?
  • Videos about the company with footage of your facility?
  • A careers section of your website that gives a prospective employee the information and insight they need to be confident when they submit their application.
  • Another thing to consider on your website is how easy it is to apply for the job. Does the prospective employee have to navigate through an unorganized interface to find the position and where to apply?

It is important to streamline the application process and to make it as easy as possible to find open positions. Consider including a link to the Careers section on your homepage or prominently in your navigation.

Sharing the Position 

Organic Social

Your team has worked hard to grow your social following and that following includes prospective employees. Posting your open positions on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – will allow you to reach those prospects. Social posts are also an easy way for current employees to share the position among their followers and friends.

Current Employees 

Your current employees can be a great source of referrals as well. Send links to the new job post and simply ask your current employees to share with anyone they know who may be interested or on their own social channels. Some companies offer incentives for referral hires as well.

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