DME Brand Design

Do you find yourself seeking out the same coffee shop, regardless of what city you may be in? Are your jeans all from the same company? Will you only buy one type of phone? This means you have brand loyalty, and it runs deep.

Your company’s brand reflects the perceptions that shape and represent your company. It’s more than a logo. It’s more than packaging. Your brand is the sum of everything your organization does. When you gain consumer’s trust in your brand, you create a customer for life. You’ve associated value with your name — that’s brand equity.


The Core of Every Brand

At its core, branding is a pledge. It’s a promise to consistently do or offer something in a way others expect. Branding defines you — who you are, what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

To convey your brand, we deliver logo design, corporate identity and brand guidelines, copy and taglines, branding design for brochures, mailers, website, signage and more, product, packaging and label design, and sales and promotional collateral. 

Launch your brand’s identity. Pave your way to success.


Solid Branding Strategies

An effective branding strategy and an eye-catching visual presence gain your organization an edge in a highly competitive marketplace. RedShift has expertise in all aspects of branding, from logos, to corporate messaging, to brand identity. We believe the key to a successful brand is understanding the needs and desires of your current and prospective audiences. 

By letting us develop an effective brand for your business, you will deliver a clear and compelling message, reinforce your credibility, create an emotional connection with your customers, motivate buyers or donors and build customer loyalty. We do this by integrating branding strategies across your organization and at every point of public contact.



Your brand goes beyond your logo.
RedShift can help you build your unique brand strategy.