Why You Should Hire a Reputable Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media is more than a platform for friends to share recipes and family photos. It’s a major source for businesses to reach prospects and secure potential sales. There are nearly 4 billion people across the world with a social media account, and the numbers rise every day. Businesses in Pittsburgh and beyond that want to increase awareness, reach a highly targeted audience, and funnel people through their sales pipeline should enlist a reputable social media marketing agency to help boost success.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow users to post ads that engage and connect with a highly targeted audience. This is social media marketing. It piggybacks off the general benefits of social media, like shareability, awareness, and engagement, and optimizes these aspects for business success. When you post relevant content on your social media profile, you generate opportunities for people to interact with your business. The more they interact, the more their contacts will see your brand, broadening your reach for more prospects.

In addition to reaching current and potential customers, social media marketing enables businesses to humanize their brand and offer actual value. Without a social media presence, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build deep, meaningful relationships that lead to customer trust, customer loyalty, and (ultimately) sales. An effective social media strategy involves a careful balance of research, engagement, and listening. It also entails the intentional leveraging of owned, earned, and paid media on a shared platform.

Why Would I Need a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social media marketing is becoming a preferred tool for brands to attract new business. Reasons include its affordability (on several social platforms, CPM and CPC are lower than Google Ads) and its targetability. On paid social media ads, you can set parameters like demographic, behavior, and interest to be sure you’re reaching the right person with the right message at the right time. 

It’s so effective that 97% of Fortune 500 companies promote on social media. This means social media users are seeing tons of ads each day. To earn their business, you have to set yourself apart from the competition. That’s where hiring a social media marketing agency comes into play.

A reputable company can help you navigate the process and develop a strategy for creating an effective social media marketing campaign. Those steps include:

A social media marketing agency will use research and metrics to determine your ideal audience and how best to reach them.

Eye-catching ads that entice people to interact is key to social media success. A reputable social media marketing agency will create these as part of your campaign.

When posts are optimized to increase conversion rates, you can generate more leads and close more sales.

Analytics will reveal which prospects are leaving your site before converting. Retargeting is online promotion that contacts them after abandonment to stay front of mind.

Navigating the ins and outs of social media can be confusing. Partnering with a reputable social media marketing agency can help ensure that your campaigns are effective and that you maximize your resources.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services?

When you enlist the services of a social media marketing agency, you capitalize on the following benefits:

Expert Storytellers:

Social media marketing professionals understand the art of storytelling. Through compelling verbiage and eye-catching images, they can help develop promotional content that resonates with readers and keeps them coming back for more.

Custom Strategies:

Every business’s goals are different. Agencies delivering social media marketing services will research your audience analytics and develop a campaign with your particular objectives in mind.

Analytically Focused:

Everything is based in research. Measuring data is the only way to know whether a campaign is successful. An agency will rely on metrics to determine the appropriate course of action to build an effective advertising campaign.

Better Online Exposure:

Posts are optimized to ensure you’re reaching the right people. By displaying useful information to the right audience, you increase engagement, which helps to boost exposure exponentially. As contacts interact with and share your ads, their contacts see your brand, and the reach continues.

The benefits of hiring a social media marketing agency who can provide a full spectrum of services can mean the difference between a company who succeeds and one who doesn’t.

Digital Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Because social media marketing happens online, many people confuse it as digital marketing. The truth is, these are two different things that work together in a marketing strategy. Digital marketing utilizes online and offline means to reach audiences. Examples include:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile ads
  • Television
  • SEO tools
  • Content creation
  • Video hosting tools
  • Customer service tools

On the other hand, social media marketing strictly occurs on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This means that social media marketing is part of a digital marketing campaign. Content for digital marketing tends to be longer-lasting (think TV ads, billboards, and website banner ads) whereas social media requires constant unique and fresh content to maintain high levels of engagement.

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Are Digital and Social Media Marketing Essential to Business?

For a company’s marketing campaigns to be truly successful, it’s critical that brands meet customers where they are, and they are on the internet. More specifically, they’re on social media. The average person spends around 145 minutes per day connecting with people on social media. With the advent of smartphones and other mobile devices, social media can be accessed at all times of the day. While people are lying in bed before sleep; riding the subway to work; and even spending time in the bathroom, businesses can reach them in ways that non-digital promotions cannot.

To set themselves apart from the competition and attract and retain audience attention, brands must incorporate digital and social media marketing into their business strategy. Here are reasons why.


Tell Your Story

An online presence enables you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, allowing you to build relationships that earn trust and loyalty. Through posts, comments, and forums, you’re able to share more of your story and let your audience get to know you better. These connections are important, as they generate interest, drive traffic to your site, and entice people to share your information with others.


Remain Front of Mind

Sometimes all it takes to stand out from the competition is to be the company that stays front of mind. Creating a digital marketing campaign gets your messaging in front of people on various platforms. A person who opens a newspaper, turns on the radio, passes a billboard on the way to work, and checks social media on their lunch hour could potentially encounter your brand four times in one morning. Digital marketing provides numerous avenues to solidify your message, establish your brand identity, and remind your audience about the ways you can solve their problems.


Understand Your Audience

The more channels you use for advertising, the more metrics you can receive to shape your understanding of audience habits, behaviors, and interests. Measuring the effectiveness of a campaign is essential to your success. Analytics will reveal which ads are receiving positive response; what time of day gets the most engagement; and what formats elicit action. All of this insight will guide your future marketing decisions and help ensure you’re presenting the most effective campaign content possible.

What is Social Media Management?

A successful social media campaign requires good management. Social media management encompasses all aspects of developing and overseeing a social media marketing campaign. This includes:

  • Analyzing Audiences
  • Developing Tailored Strategies
  • Creating and Distributing Content
  • Monitoring Discussions
  • Reporting on ROI

Social media marketing can only be truly successful when it is organized, efficient, and run with measured intention.

Marketing on Various Social Platforms

Because there are numerous popular social media platforms, it’s important to understand how to effectively market on each one. Here are the main differences between the seven most-used social media networks and how to apply them to your own campaigns:

Twitter Marketing

You can promote your account to attract new followers or you can promote individual tweets to increase audience engagement and grow visibility.



Instagram Marketing

Primarily used for photo sharing, Instagram allows marketers to promote products in an authentic and friendly way, free of hard selling to your audience.



LinkedIn Marketing

This platform is geared more toward professionals, so it’s an effective way to reach decision-makers. You can promote your brand through posts (brief messages) or articles (long-form content).

YouTube Marketing

Videos are a highly effective way to retain your current audience and attract new prospects. Keep videos under a minute for maximum views.


Pinterest Marketing

Pin a video or photo to your board and link to a relevant blog post. This helps promote your blog as well as drive traffic to your site.


Snapchat Marketing

A Snapchat business account will enable you to post ads through the Ads Manager.




TikTok Marketing

The viral nature of this platform’s algorithm means users with no followers can still go viral with their content.




There’s no reason to limit yourself to one platform. Share content on all social media platforms that make sense for your business. Expand your reach, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your site for higher conversion rates.

Why Choose RedShift for Your Social Media Marketing?

RedShift Digital Marketing is a reputable social media marketing agency serving Pittsburgh and beyond. We provide our clients with the tools and resources you need to maximize your social media marketing campaigns, including:


Dedicated Account Managers:

We’ll give you the focus and attention your campaign deserves.


Extensive Onboarding Process:

We dig deep to learn all we can before creating custom campaigns to meet your goals.


Custom Social Media Marketing Strategy:

No two businesses are the same. We’ll develop a campaign that serves your audience and achieves your objectives.


Social Media Campaign Reports:

We’ll provide the analytics you need to understand your campaign performance.


Paid and Organic Team:

A combination of paid and unpaid ads are important to the success of your marketing efforts.


Diverse Marketing Experience:

Our various backgrounds and experiences provide a well-rounded team who has seen it all and knows how to respond.

We can help you establish an effective social media campaign that can broaden your social media presence and exponentially grow your business for maximum results.

3 Social Media Marketing FAQs

Whether you’re familiar with social media marketing or are new to using these channels for business success, you’re sure to have questions about the process. Here are three frequently asked questions and their answers.

Think carefully about your ideal audience and determine which social platforms they use the most. Develop campaigns for two channels that make the most sense and focus your efforts there. Create quality content and post frequently and consistently for maximum impact.

You must create unique content for each platform. Cross-posting on multiple social sites is convenient, but it isn’t impactful. You might be sending irrelevant messaging to your audience, which can damage trust or cause them to lose interest and unfollow you.

To help create a consistent posting schedule, consider using a calendar or free planning tool to keep on track. There’s a lot to oversee when it comes to social media marketing. A professional social media marketing agency can provide the services, resources, and tools you need to ensure a successful campaign.



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