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June 2022

Your Guide to Content Development

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Content development is critical to every digital marketing strategy. If developed correctly, you’ll be meeting your business goals in no time. If developed incorrectly, you’ll have spent time, energy, and money to develop a quality piece of content that will never be seen by your target audience.


Visibility, traffic, and conversions are the epicenter of every tactic executed for our clients. And, thoughtfully curated content is the only way to get those three things. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to getting seen, bringing your targets to your website, and turning prospects into customers.

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Make the Upgrade to WordPress 6.0

WordPress 6 is here with 1,000 updates to make the popular CMS system easier and more intuitive for both developers and end-users.


While the 6.0 name may lead you to believe that this latest version is a drastic departure from the CMS we all know and love, that is not the case. 6.0 is a cumulation of incremental changes that when all combined make the platform simply better for all users. WordPress 6.0 is more flexible and easy to use. And since the changes are incremental, we do not expect any major issues with the update.

Taking You From Lamps to Amps

American Gas Lamp President, Patrick Jardini, and his band The S’Wearing Hats will perform at its annual fundraising concert Aug. 27 at Peoples Natural Gas Park, 90 Johns St., downtown Johnstown.

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Alicia Cleary is our Digital Marketing Specialist. You want to talk numbers, this is your girl. Analytics and the art of SEO is where her heart lies. Years of experience with small and medium sized businesses have given her focus on conversion, growth, and ROI. When she’s not at RedShift you can find her kayaking with her family or tracking down her latest villain. She’s an analytic detective.

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Hang Your Hat

Your Business Objectives: Where Marketing Conversations Need to Start

Succeeding in today’s highly competitive marketplace requires a keen understanding of your business objectives and the ability to resist the latest marketing fads. Unfortunately, some business owners still make decisions based on opinions and intuition, which can do more harm than good for a business. Continue reading to take a look at the top marketing mistakes made by business owners and executives along with five steps to help you avoid these pitfalls.

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