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February 2022

Lessons Learned in 2021

Naturally at the beginning of each year we look back and reflect on the year before. In many ways, 2021 was just as disorienting as 2020. However, we walked into 2021 fully knowing what we were getting ourselves into. And it wasn’t all bad. In 2021 we were able to take all of the strange, unwanted lessons learned from 2020 and really learn to thrive in another “unprecedented” year.


2021 was a year of lessons learned for RedShift and our clients. Check out a few of the lessons we will be carrying with us into 2022. 

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Have You Considered Your Attribution Model?

Google is changing it’s default attribution model from last click attribution to data driven attribution. What does this mean? Google is now able to take into consideration numerous data signals that brought a user to convert, not just the last data point before conversion.


While Google may be focusing on data driven attribution starting this Fall, that does not mean you have to. Each buyer’s journey is unique and you may decide that first click or last click attribution makes is more important. You are the expert on your target audience and should always focus on what is best for your organization.

Raycycle: Shining a Light on Renewable Energy

The new startup on the scene, Raycycle, offers tailor-made solar energy solutions for which they needed a tailor-made website to attract their client base. Learn more about their residential and commercial solar product offerings and browse the new website here! 

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Hang Your Hat

7 Tips to Stay Up to Speed as a Digital Marketer

The demand for digital marketing has exploded. Just two years ago the United States projected to approach $120 billion on digital marketing spending by 2021. As you might imagine, those projections were far surpassed. As this rampant growth continues, digital marketers are struggling to maintain a firm grasp on industry developments.

There are so many moving parts that it’s almost a chore to keep track of all the emerging channels and software advances. But that’s what makes things harder, because the key to keeping a competitive edge in digital marketing is to continually educate yourself. Read on for seven simple tips to stay up to speed as a digital marketer.

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