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Digital Strategies for Effective Local Business Promotion: How to Promote Your Business Locally

Local Business Owner Hard At Work

In today’s digital era, being on the first page of search results or on Google Maps is crucial. Explore the power of mobile optimization, online reviews, and local SEO in guiding potential customers to your business. Learn how to master the art of effective local SEO campaigns.


As with most teams and families, there’s something we all share at RedShift. In our case, it’s coming from agencies or businesses where we thought, “There’s Gotta Be a Better Way.” 

At RedShift, we’ve come together to form that “better way.” Each of the differentiating factors you see about RedShift—being data-driven, customer-centric, transparent, ego-free and dedicated to results—these are qualities we didn’t find at previous homes, but that we’ve established and follow at RedShift.

Navigating Facebook Ad Types for Optimal Marketing Impact

Choosing the right Facebook ad type amidst the multitude of options can be daunting—image ads for simplicity, story ads for immersion, carousel ads for storytelling, or instant experience ads for interactivity. Learn how social media marketing services can transform your digital presence and grow your business.


Linneo Before & After

Linneo has strategically revamped its social media presence to resonate with a wider audience, employing various tactics to enhance engagement and appeal. Some notable changes include:

  • Linneo expanded their content by introducing trendier designs to engage a broader social media audience.

  • Their updated Instagram feed displays a spectrum of colors while staying true to their initial brand identity.

  • They’ve incorporated carousel and video posts into their strategy.

Hang Your Hat

How Do We Thrive as Digital Marketers?

In the world of digital marketing, we’ve shifted from specialists to holistic marketers, but many struggle to see the bigger picture. Complexity rules, yet some cling to old tactics, ignoring timeless wisdom. Thriving demands continuous learning, staying updated, collaborating, measuring, and being consistent. It’s an evolving journey, calling for a committed, growth-focused mindset.

Deck the Halls with Paint and Joy

Combining the festive fun of Ugly Sweater Day and creative bonding at Painting with a Twist, our team embraced the holiday spirit in style while getting artistic! Wishing everyone cozy and cheerful holidays! 🎄🎨✨

Picture Of Redshift Team In Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Picture Of Redshift Team At Painting With A Twist

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