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APRIL 2022

Let’s Remember Why We’re Here - Empathy Mapping

It is easy to forget who your target audience is when you’ve been marketing your particular product or service for a long time. How do you keep your ideal customer at the center of everything you do? Empathy mapping. Simply put, empathy mapping helps to keep your customer and their wants and needs at the center of your marketing strategy.


It is easy to lose sight of your customer. Odds are there have been times when you have spoken to the customer how you want to speak to them, tried to sell to them when you wanted to sell. Empahy mapping is the perfect exercise to reorient yourself and your team to your customer.

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How the Recent Apple iOS Change is Really Impacting Email Marketing

Back in September 2021, Apple made a major iOS update that essentially rendered email open rate as a useless campaign metric. As a result, like most digital marketers, RedShift shifted our focus to other data points and KPIs.


In a privacy-first world, digital marketers must remain agile when it comes to email marketing. While open rate is a good-to-know metric, it is not the only one, nor the most important. Click rate and conversions from emails are more important KPIs for most of our clients and their goals.

Whittaker System: America’s Leading Carpet Cleaning System for over 25 Years

Whittaker’s Smart Care® Systems effectively extends the life of carpet through the innovation of low-moisture encapsulation, achieving the same results of hot-water extraction while saving their customers time and money. Learn more about their innovative products here!

Gabrielle Ferguson Headshot

Meet Gabrielle Ferguson Social Media Specialist

Gabrielle Ferguson is our Social Media Specialist. She is your go to woman for all things social. Gabrielle is an analytical and creative thinker with a passion for breaking down the numbers and implementing marketing strategies to better boost your business. Gabrielle has previous traditional and digital marketing experience in the legal and publishing industries. Outside of the office, she can be found scoping out new restaurants after she gets a good workout in, because of course, balance is key.

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“My stress levels are 10x lower. My work sessions are 10x more productive. My time wasted on unnecessary tasks and meetings is 10x less”.

Every time you check your texts, email, work chat, your phone. Every time you let any of these things interrupt your workflow, your thoughts, your lunch, you are giving away the one thing you will never, ever get back. TIME! Find out how to achieve more productivity with less stress.

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