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We Simplify a Process that has been Unnecessarily Complicated

Digital marketing is more difficult and expensive than ever before. And SEO is at the heart of your digital marketing efforts. It is an essential, cannot-be-forgotten tactic in any effective marketing strategy.

We have broken search engine optimization down to its most essential component parts. In just a few months, we solidify your website’s technical foundation while optimizing your most important content and adding critical content when needed.


RedShift Digital Marketing. A Pittsburgh SEO Company

RedShift Digital Marketing is based in Pittsburgh, PA. We have decades of experience in serving the local Pittsburgh SEO market and understand the nuances of the provincial nature of our city. Whether we are working with a client across the country or focusing on specific, Pittsburgh SEO services, our vast experience benefits all of our clients.



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Tired of the mystery-maintenance and continuing commitment of SEO services?

SEO, in and of itself, only requires one bout of heavy lifting. Why do so many agencies insist on lengthy retainers and residual fees for work that has already finished. The truth is, when proper optimization protocols are used, your SEO will only require light maintenance moving forward.  The most impactful SEO efforts, once in place, will last years. With the rapid-advancement and ever-changing state of digital marketing, you will still need to make adjustments and updates on occasion, but these become easy and effortless when you start with a solid foundation. At RedShift, we believe in a holistic digital marketing approach with SEO being a critical, early step in our process.

The Digital Marketing Essentialism Process

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, oftentimes, what you don’t do matters more than what you do. At RedShift, we have removed the waste. We get to the signal and ignore the noise. In this case, the 80/20 rule and “less is more” hold true.

Our number one priority is matching our digital marketing efforts to your business objectives. Then, we hold ourselves accountable for helping you and your team reach key milestones and achieve your goals.

The first step in our process is to learn as much about your target market(s) as possible. Then, we use an array of resources to map out the complete optimization of your website. Our top priority at this point is to solidify your site as one of the most valuable assets of your business.


Be Where Your Prospects Are Looking

60% of the modern sales cycle takes place before the customer contacts your business.. This is why it’s crucial to know where your prospective customers are doing their research online; what they’re searching for, and what problems and pains they have that can be solved by your products or services. What are they searching for online if they have a problem aligned with your product or service?

By optimizing your content to address these areas, your brand has the best chance of showing up during a prospective customer’s online search efforts. And if you do it right, you offer optimal value and drive lead conversions for your business.

SEO is Only the Beginning

Once the technical part of your site is optimized, we build out your digital strategy for growth. What does your content and promotion plan look like? Where are your valuable resources best spent? What is it going to take to reach your objectives? Your entire digital strategy is custom-tailored and focused on the essentials needed to drive your business forward.

If you are a local company, local SEO can be even more important to your business than your own website.

From a basic standpoint, local SEO works in the same way as “traditional” SEO. An interested party searches for something on Google, and the search engine gives them the best results based on their keywords. But with local SEO, Google uses a unique set of ranking factors to arrange local search results.

These include:

  • Location of search versus location of your business
  • How well your Google My Business listing is optimized
  • Number of and quality of reviews across the major review sites
  • Accurate local business directory listings
  • And more…



Google My Business Optimization

A Google My Business profile is important for your business, as it plays a major role in your ranking in The Map Pack. It is not enough to set up your Google My Business profile, it also needs to be optimized. 

Portions of your profile map back to the information on your website. It also has to sync with your Google Maps listing and the many business directories you are on. Search engines consider this critical for the experience of your potential customers, and inconsistent listings will drop you below the competition. 

It is critical that your business name, address, and phone information matches across all channels. Google gives credit for consistency across the user experience. Any non-matching information becomes a red flag for them. This is why we must sort out duplicate and erroneous listings, and make sure that you are listed on the most important platforms.

Online Reviews

Positive online reviews are another way to boost your local SEO rankings. While that’s a good thing, it also means that negative reviews can hurt your rankings. It’s important to track and manage all your online reviews. 

The Redshift team will work with you to ensure that 

  1. Your customers have ample opportunity to leave positive reviews
  2. Create processes to respond to negative reviews and get fraudulent comments removed


On-site SEO for local businesses

There is also a local SEO services component that needs executing on your website. You need an optimized local landing page. And if you have more than a single location, you need a unique page for each location. And don’t forget about schema (We can save that for the strategy session.)

With local SEO, Google uses a unique set of ranking factors to rank local search results.​

Choosing an SEO Company

Due to the importance of SEO, the right SEO company is one of the most important things you can do for your business. At RedShift, we understand digital marketing and how SEO plays into the bigger picture. We help you build your strategy from the ground up. Then we help you put together your tactical plan and implement it with you or for you. At this point, we have already begun to treat your business and business objectives as our own.

When we choose to take on a project, we plan to be there for the long term. We’re not a one-and-done agency. We pride ourselves on the longevity of relationships we build with clients.



Ready for a free website and SEO Audit?
Talk to one of our Consultants and take RedShift for a test drive.