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September 2021

Does Local SEO Even Matter?

Local SEO is SEO that focuses on improving the ranking of a business in local search results. Since nearly half of all Google searches are local, it is essential that your business is optimized for local search.


The number of local searches is only going to continue to grow as more and more people use their mobile devices for online searches. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to invest in not only their general SEO, but local SEO as well.

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Does Apple Hate Digital Marketers?

Apple is rolling out another iOS update that will have an impact on your email marketing. The Apple iOS15 update will include a free privacy feature that will mask IP addresses and not allow 3rd party email providers from tracking email opens and other actions.


So what now? 1. Stay Calm. 2. Begin to rethink your email marketing goals. No longer rely on an open rate to judge success but rather look to click-through rates, how much traffic you are seeing in Analytics from your emails, and unsubscribe rate. Even if you cannot see exactly how many users opened your emails (on their iPhones) you can still gauge their engagement.

Elevating a Brand to Match an
Elevated Salon Experience

Twelve27 is a luxury yet relaxed, full-service salon located in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District that was in need of a rebrand to match. While redesigning their entire website, RedShift also developed a new logo and corresponding brand assets to support the relaunch of their new look. To ensure consistency across all forms of promotion, Redshift provided social media marketing training for the owners and stylists of the salon in preparation of celebrating their refreshed identity. The result? A lead generating website and a memorable brand presence to extend beyond the walls of their salon.

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Hang Your Hat

Consistency is Truly *Key*

I’ve been thinking a lot about content creation. The content we create for clients, the strategies we suggest to clients, and even the content we have created for ourselves. If you look at EVERY successful content creator out there – whether it be video, blogging, social, it doesn’t matter – the success is in the consistency.

It is consistently putting out content that wins the game. That’s not to say it has to happen every day. Even if it is one piece per month, it has to be one piece consistently speaking to the same audience at the same time, every single month. It cannot be random. There has to be focused, relevant content being created and put out on a consistent schedule. Think about it: Do you go to the gym randomly and see results? No, you need a structured, well-thought-out plan that you execute on consistently.

Do you eat random foods and see results when trying to lose weight? No, you need a structured, well-thought-out plan of attack that you execute on consistently. Do you excel at golf if you do not consistently hit the fairway? Or what about the good golfer that cannot consistently nail putts? The list goes on and on and on. Consistency breeds success. Whether you are a star athlete, a musician, a marketer or a business. It also applies to content. More than we give it credit.

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