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MAY 2023

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What is Content Engagement? How to Track the Right Metrics for Success

Content Engagement

If you are creating content for your business, you need to be tracking performance across all channels. Content engagement metrics are crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. 

By assessing these metrics, you can gain insights into how your content is being received by your target audience. From there, you can make decisions based on data to improve performance.

In this month’s blog post, learn content KPIs, how to measure engagement across platforms, and how to use interactive content to increase user engagement.

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Time to Shift?

You need a website that really works for you. Let our experts build it! 


National Medal Of Honor Logo

This May, RedShift digital marketing is proud to showcase our latest work with National Medal of Honor Leadership and Education Center . Working together, the RedShift team redesigned the website to give visitors a more immersive experience.  

As part of the redesign, we prioritized interactive elements on the site. These include an interactive graphics about the medals of honor and an interactive timeline detailing the rich history of the program. Each of these elements includes custom logos inspired by the medal itself. 

We also want to highlight the new case for support. This 16-page digital pamphlet is designed to communicate the core values of integrity, courage, commitment, courage, sacrifice, citizenship, and patriotism to potential donors. 

Looking for a partner who understands how digital marketing impacts your growth and bottom line? Contact us today!

National Medal Of Honor Website Before And After Redesign

The Case for Support

Case For Support

Additionally, our team rebranded the site by choosing new fonts and brand colors. Plus, we redesigned the National Medal of Honor logo to better match the new site.

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Digital Marketing & Continuous Learning

Welcome to our May newsletter, where we’re throwing out the rulebook and showing you how to create content that’s so engaging, it’ll make your competitors’ heads spin. At our organization, we’re not interested in playing by the same old tired marketing playbook. We’re here to disrupt, innovate, and help you stand out in a crowded market. We’re about to show you how to create content that your audience can’t get enough of.

So what is content engagement? It’s not just about creating flashy ads or viral social media posts. It’s about creating meaningful, valuable content that resonates with your audience on a deeper level. And we’re going to show you how to do it.

But let’s be real – all the engaging content in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not tracking the right metrics. We’re going to help you cut through the noise and focus on the metrics that actually matter for your business.

We’re also excited to share a recent website redesign from one of our clients. Building a great website is not just about a pretty design – it’s about creating a site that aligns with your values, speaks to your audience and converts visits to sales.

And last but not least, we’re taking a break from disrupting the marketing world to talk about something a little more personal – our team’s spring planting plans. From guerrilla gardening to rooftop beekeeping, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

So join us as we take a no-nonsense approach to content engagement, tracking metrics, website redesigns, and spring planting. Ready to shift? 

Why does it matter? It’s not just about staying afloat; it’s about staying ahead. Our clients want the best, and they deserve it. If we’re not on top of the latest trends and techniques, we’re doing them a disservice. You can’t afford to be uninformed – it’s not just our reputation at stake; it’s our clients’ success.

So, here’s the deal: Be proactive. Make it your mission to stay informed and share those learnings with the team. Remember, knowledge is power, and continuous learning is a priority. It’s not just about keeping up with the industry – it’s about leading it. Stay sharp, stay hungry, and stay ahead.


Here is the dirt on what the RedShift team is planting this spring! From kale to kumquats, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and try something new.

  • Jack isn’t planting anything new but has been trying to bring a dormant rose bush he found in his yard back to life. This is the year. 

  • Abby is attempting to grow some early vegetables and whatever else she finds at the store that looks like she won’t kill easily.

  • Stephanie is already growing strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and lots of flowers. And soon will be planting sweet-peas, jack-be-little pumpkins, marigolds, and the love of gardening with her 3-year old. 

  • Rachel is stealing strawberry plants from Stephanie! And is focusing on planning and mapping out all of her flower pots for her front yard. #secretgarden 

  • Megan is planting green beans, tomatoes, asparagus, romaine, kale, and carrots. And trying to grow dahlias this year too. 

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