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MAY 2022

Is Long-Form Content Worth It?

You know content is critical. It’s your lifeblood to inform and delight your audiences. Done effectively, content is what gets you seen. Content converts your prospects into customers, clients, and partners. Content is also what keeps those customers, clients, and partners coming back to your brand. That being said, how do you know whether you should write longer or shorter pieces of content for your audience?


Creating quality long-term content takes effort but is it worth it? When deciding between writing short and long-form content it is important to keep in mind that if the purpose of the content is to provide resources and value to your readers, long-form content is the way to go.

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LinkedIn Changes How It Ranks Content and It May Benefit Your Organization

LinkedIn has updated its algorithm to change what content a user sees in their feed. Feeds will no longer be cluttered with useless updates, alerts, and low-quality click-bait posts. The change prioritizes content that is relevant to that user – whether that is based on their network or interests.


LinkedIn’s algorithm change hopes to promote authentic engagement on the social platform. Gone are the days that businesses could flood feeds with low-quality, irrelevant content. While the change will be problematic for some, the update is a an opportunity for businesses that have invested the time and efforts to create valuable content.

HearingU is Hiring!

Our client, HearingLife is hiring a Marketing & Strategic Partnership Specialist for their subsidiary HearingU, an online trade school designed to prepare students to become licensed hearing instrument specialists. If you or someone you know might be interested, click below to view the job posting.

Hang Your Hat

5 Marketing Hacks That Will Make You Question Everything

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is a game of rules.

The web is littered with best practices and how-to guides that follow established structures. Set your goal, find your audience, and build your tactics. Start with your subject line, and end with a call to action. Use actionable language and remove buyer’s journey friction.

I’m not saying that any of these strategies are wrong. Plenty of companies have found lots of success in following them to the T. That doesn’t mean you have to.

These 5 marketing hacks may make you question everything at first, but they’re actually proven tactics that other brands are using to break through the clutter.

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