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March 2022

Is Bing a Thing? How to Rank on Bing

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Let’s be honest, when most people think of search engines they think of Google. And with 92% of global search volume in 2021, it’s easy to forget that there are even other search engines out there. But the queries not on Google can make a big difference in your SEO strategy.


While Google is the dominate search engine, ensuring your site is optimized to rank on Bing could be key to your strategy. Bing has a unique audience compared to Google and many of it’s ranking factors are similar to what you are already optimizing for.

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Google's Page Experience Updates to Begin for Desktop

Google has begun to roll out its Page Experience Updates on Desktop search results. These updates are an extension of the recent updates we’ve seen for mobile search and will prioritize Core Web Vitals and other page experience factors. 


Luckily, if your site runs well on Mobile then odds are your site will run well on Desktop. Many of the performance updates made in response to the Page Experience Updates for Mobile search in 2021 actually address the Page Experience Updates for Desktop. Most of our clients naturally see strong desktop performance after improving mobile performance. 

Verland: More than Four Decades of Caring

Verland Client Spotlight

The new startup on the scene, Raycycle, offers tailor-made solar energy solutions for which they needed a tailor-made website to attract their client base. Learn more about their residential and commercial solar product offerings and browse the new website here! 

Meet Chrystal McKay

We are so excited to welcome Chrystal McKay as our brand new Digital Marketing Specialist. Chrystal comes to us with a history of working with non-profits and small businesses. She has a masters in Marketing Management and 10 years of freelance experience in Web Design and SEO. When not working, she can be found deep into creative hobbies like digital illustration, mixed media art, water colors, and woodburning. She’s also a huge fan of road tripping with her son.

Hang Your Hat

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Double Down on Digital Marketing

Why should you take a long look at your current marketing strategy?

“Companies that fail to create a marketing strategy are destined to either fail or struggle indefinitely. However, just because you create a strategy does not guarantee success.”

– Steve Olenski, CMO Network and Forbes Contributor 

A successful marketing strategy can catapult your business to industry stardom. On the flip side, a dated or ineffective marketing strategy can leave your business sputtering while your competitors blow by in the fast lane to success. As the owner or marketing director of a small business or start-up, it is up to you to make sure that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. In our consumer-driven world, this means implementing a digital marketing strategy.

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