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July 2023

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How to Optimize Your Growth with a Marketing Automation Strategy

Need tips to get your marketing automation strategy started? Look no further…


As with most teams and families, there’s something we all share at RedShift. In our case, it’s coming from agencies or businesses where we thought, “There’s Gotta Be a Better Way.” 

At RedShift, we’ve come together to form that “better way.” Each of the differentiating factors you see about RedShift—being data-driven, customer-centric, transparent, ego-free and dedicated to results—these are qualities we didn’t find at previous homes, but that we’ve established and follow at RedShift.

RIP UA: Universal Analytics Dies, Age 11

Though we’ve been forewarned that this day would arrive, Google finally put their trusty Universal Analytics to rest this month after 11 years. Though we are embracing UA’s replacement, GA4, it only feels right to pay our respects to a tool that revolutionized digital marketing.


Here is Your Reason to Smile!

Are you in need of bringing a little more joy to your feed? May we suggest giving Cranberry Dental Studios a follow on Instagram. With their content highlighting self-love, confidence, and humor, you won’t help but smile.

In case you are taking notes, here are a few takeaways that you can learn from CDS social strategy:

  • They stay on top of trends with pop culture references.
    (We see that Barbie theme photoshoot)
  • They run their social media like a person, not like a business, sharing milestones of employees’ lives, workplace culture, their patients’ stories, and more.
  • They are FUNNY. It is important to remember that social media is about engaging and entertaining your audience.


Team Spotlight: Dana Carskadden

Dana is our summer intern and eager to learn all about digital marketing. She is currently pursuing a degree in business administration and analytics and minoring in French. When she’s not mastering marketing strategies, she is usually dancing, cooking, or enjoying the company of her feline friend, Apollo.

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