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July 2022

Your Guide to Bounce Rates in Google Analytics

Unsure what bounce rate is and how to improve it? This guide covers everything you need to know about this important metric and how to make changes that will impact your website’s performance.

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Google Has Done It Again - The May 2022 Core Update

The end of May saw yet another Google core update. The algorithm took 15 days to roll out and we did not see the dust settle in SERPs until mid-June. So what was the big deal?


The key takeaway from this algorithm update is that Google still puts a lot of weight behind E.A.T. Expertise, Authority, Trust – E.A.T. – is Google’s own acronym highlighting how they rank and value content. This core update saw sites being rewarded for quality, optimized content. Does your site position your organization as an industry thought leader? Do you showcase your accreditations and awards? Is your content attributed to your experts? If yes, then Google will continue to reward your site with higher rankings.

Big Things Happening at Rosedale Technical College!

A big congratulations to Rosedale Technical College on their official grand opening of their new Welcome Center last month! The Welcome Center is part of Phase 1 of a multi-phase expansion project taking place at the College. We are lucky to work with a client as dedicated to inspiring and supporting our region’s workforce as Rosedale. Be sure to keep an eye out for their new website launching later this month.

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10 Reasons Growth-Driven Design Works

Data drives every decision in modern marketing. And if for some reason it doesn’t, it probably should. But in the age of reach, engagement, clicks and conversions, why are so many companies still turning a blind eye to data for their websites? Why not use website analytics to continuously improve their user experience?

Think about how you develop your website. If you relied on a freelancer or web developer, you probably didn’t connect your site to your business and marketing objectives. Even building it through your own development team can make you take some wrong turns.

So, digital marketing leaders like HubSpot are promoting an alternative. The moniker, “growth-driven design,” puts your online presence in the hands of your marketing team. Instead of living on an island, all of your web design and development efforts become part of your marketing strategy—and your website analytics see results. The results are clear. To illustrate, take in my ten reasons why growth-driven design works, and why you should be implementing it with your marketing team.

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