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JULY 2021

Are You Ready for a World Without Cookies?

Google Website Cookies no longer allowed in 2 years

Digital marketing is officially at a turning point. Google has announced that it is planning, within two years, to no longer allow 3rd party cookies in Chrome. Since Chrome has 67% of the web browser market, this is a huge deal for marketers. Learn what the loss of the 3rd party cookie means for your marketing campaigns and what options you will still have when it comes to targeting prospective customers.


This isn’t the end! The loss of the 3rd party cookies will necessitate rethinking how we as marketers build campaigns, target prospective customers and measure success. This change will force us to have a better understanding of our target audience and see our marketing efforts beyond direct conversions. In many ways, this is more of an opportunity than a challenge.

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Which Social Media Platform Do Users Spend Most of Their Time On?

TikTok has been getting a lot of attention lately as the most downloaded social app, but Facebook and YouTube are actually where users are spending the most time. However, that doesn’t mean YOUR target audience is on Facebook and YouTube. While it is important to know the trends in social media, it is even more important to know your business’s target audience. Where do they spend their time, how do they like to get their information and what moves them to raise their hand?


Personas are the ideal place to start when determining which social channels your company should invest time with. Personas not only provide a clear picture of your target audiences’ pain points but also what their day looks like, what social channels they frequent, which publications or industry associations they turn to for information and more.

Company President by Day,
Rockstar by Night

American Gas Lamp Works President by Day, Band Lead by Night, Patrick Jardini and his band the S’wearing Hats have founded and are headlining the first Park Place Palooza! Enjoy food trucks, music, and family fun on July 24th from 3-9 PM at Mews Park. Check it out if you’re in the area or looking for some fun this month!

Swearing Hats Even posted

Meet Emma Herzigr

Our most recent addition to Team RedShift, Emma Herzig is our Junior Account Manager, who also happened to be a RedShift intern last summer. A recent graduate of Ohio University, Emma studied Marketing and Business Analytics, and interned with the university social media team. Outside of work, you can find her reading up on the latest fashion trends, looking for her travel spot, or dining somewhere delicious.

Zac Galioto newsletter headshot

Meet Zac Galioto

Zac (aka Intern Zac) is our Summer 2021 Intern here at RedShift, working primarily with our digital marketing and sales teams. He studied business marketing and communications at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Outside of work you can find Intern Zac on the golf course or at the lake enjoying the sun. While he has a lot of responsibilities here at RedShift, getting coffee is rarely one of them.

Hang Your Hat

When Was The Last Time You Thought About Your Purpose?

  • Do you have a motivating force that gets you up and ready to attack the world every day?

  • Do you have a North Star? Something that would drive you if everything you had today were gone?

  • It’s becoming cliche to ask if you “know your why”. But, do you have purpose? Or, do you just go aimlessly through the motions every day? 

I wake up every morning excited to help others, make their lives a little better than they were yesterday. Whether it’s a friend, my wife, my mom, an employee, and even a complete stranger. I want to provide a place to work like no other. I want to provide for my family so they don’t have needs. I want to give clients the best marketing we can so they don’t waste their money with another agency. What drives you everyday? What’s your purpose?

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