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February 2024

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Maximizing Lead Generation Strategies in Website Development

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To really give your business the boost it needs, incorporating strategies for increasing lead generation as you build out your website isn’t just a clever move; it’s absolutely vital. Many folks know the basics, but diving deeper can unlock potential you didn’t realize was there.

Costa Homebuilders Increases Traffic by Adding Videos to their Blog Pages

We are excited to showcase our collaboration with Costa Homebuilders which has led to the production of a series of videos, now available on their blog. Each video is designed to engage page visitors more deeply into their content, increasing the likelihood of potential conversions.

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We’re not just an agency, we’re the Anti Agency, redefining digital marketing with passion and expertise. Our team elevates your brand in the digital landscape, ensuring your campaigns shine amidst mediocrity. Embrace disruption, highlight your uniqueness, and transform your digital presence with RedShift.

REDSHIFT'S 10 Must Have Digital Marketing Essentials

Without these 10 crucial elements at the core of your digital marketing strategy, you’re not utilizing your resources effectively and potentially missing out on revenue.

10 Must Have Digital Marketing Essentials

FEATURED CLIENT Experience Center Rock's Redesigned Product Pages

The RedShift team recently refreshed Center Rock Inc. Drilling Tools, and Services product webpages. We incorporated specific video content showcasing the unique tools Center Rock offers. The refreshed design goes beyond aesthetics; it aims to enhance their lead gen strategy, attracting and engaging potential customers more effectively. The new look and video content will increase traffic and bring in more qualified leads.

Centerrock Website

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We’re a diverse team of professional eclectics with a broad range of industry experiences and expertise and a shared set of values: Clear Communication, Relentless Accountability and Unwavering Customer Service. We treat our clients as part of the team, and we never let our team down.

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