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February 2023

5 Top Tips to Crafting a Winning Brand Development Strategy

As a business, it’s essential to understand the importance of a brand development strategy. A well-thought-out and executed brand identity can be one of your most valuable assets in building customer trust, increasing customer loyalty, and driving more sales. But creating an effective brand development strategy isn’t always easy – how do you define what makes up your unique value proposition? How will you reach potential customers? What metrics should you use to measure success? 

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The Robots Are Here 🤖

Microsoft has officially announced that ChatGPT is coming to Bing with AI technology within its search engine. Microsoft has been partnering with OpenAI (the geniuses behind ChatGPT) to use the technology to revolutionize search engines. The new Bing will use AI to directly answer a user’s question instead of prompting the user to find their answer on another site. This format will feel like the user is having a conversation with the search engine instead of just entering a single query. It is still too soon to tell how this will directly impact SEO. But one thing is clear – quality content is still king even during the robot uprising.

And not to be outdone, Google is announcing their own AI features are coming “soon”.


It is undeniable that AI, like ChatGPT, is the future. However, despite how new this may seem, the same principles apply. It is still essential to put quality content out there that provides answers to your audience’s biggest quetsions and pain points. As AI makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for, your organization still needs to create the optimized content that puts them at the top.


A few issues ago we introduced you to Verland, a non-profit family of person-centered, community homes and services supporting more than 200 individuals with intellectual disabilities, many of whom have multiple physical challenges, as we launched their calendar year-end fundraising campaign “It’s a Wonderful Life”. If you have ever spent time with a non-profit organization you know how critical and stressful year-end fundraising campaigns can be. Verland collaborated with RedShift and we delivered a beautiful, multi-platform campaign that resulted in a significant increase across all fundraising metrics! In comparison to their year-end fundraiser in 2021, in 2022 we –

  • increased the total number of gifts by 200%

  • increased the average gift amount by 162%

  • increased the highest gift amount by 400%

  • increased the total amount of all calendar yearend gifts by 670%.

Ready to see your fundraising metrics increase? Reach out to RedShift for Free 60-Minute Strategy Session now.

New Ad Features from TikTok

If not, here’s why you should be.

TikTok, one of the fastest growing social apps, announced new features to its advertising portal “Promote” this week. New features include the ability to target users by location, age, gender and interests, to set new ad campaign goals such as driving profile visits and direct messages, and a “Promote for Others” feature, which allows brands working with influencers to boost($) the content creator’s post or live video.

These new features will allow TikTok advertisers to drive traffic back to their profiles, turn viewers into potential leads, amplify their marketing budgets, and better target their desired audiences. Brands who are finding success advertising in this platform are not only producing their own content, but also working with influencers to spread content (user generated content) to a broader audience. TikTok’s storytelling tools such as text overlay, music, and scene changes, create a content experience with higher ad memorability than ads produced on other social platforms. 

And… we know Gen Z LOVES this fully immersive brand experience. So much, they are, in fact, boycotting the traditional broadcast TV experience, and tuning into TikTok instead. Gen Z is not just opening the app to doomscroll, they are actually acting on what they see. Brands who capture Gen Z’s attention on TikTok usually thrive in driving strong brand affinity, brand memory, and brand equity. Now that’s sustained, business-driving interest. 

Planning to finally promote your business on TikTok in 2023? Follow these 6 simple steps to set up your business account:

Step 1. Download the TikTok app and create a new account
Step 2. Go to your TikTok profile and tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner
Step 3. Tap Settings and privacy
Step 4. Tap Manage account.
Step 5. Tap Switch to Business Account
Step 6. Choose the category that best corresponds with your business type. 

Now, it’s time to Amazon Prime a ring light and get started on content creation. 

Need more help? At RedShift Digital Marketing, we specialize in utilizing different social media platforms to generate authentic content that not only converts sales, but also improves our clients reach. Contact us today to get started on your TikTok marketing strategy!

Hang Your Hat

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, another Super Bowl and another round of Super Bowl commercials is in the books. Here is my take on some of the top ones to go back watch.


Nostalgia rang big this year. We had flashbacks from CaddyShackBreaking Bad, and Grease among others. The Pop Corners Breaking Bad commercial was my favorite of these flashbacks with T-Mobile and their Grease theme taking an honorable mention.


The Amazon Saving Sawyer was not only heart-warming but funny too. They did a great job there setting the scene and then flipping it 180 degrees on the viewer.


I don’t know why but the Hellman’s commercial had me cracking up. They did a good job throwing Brie Larson, John Hamm, and Pete Davidson into a commercial that was ridiculous and hilarious.


And rounding out my faves of the year would have to be the Tubi commercial. Not only did they incorporate the live broadcast (which completely set the scene) but they had me and the rest of the world asking who was playing with the remote!                                                  


Now on the other hand…. I have no idea what TurboTax and the dancing old guy were thinking. I have not been a fan of their entire campaign but this took the cake. I probably would have liked the concept if it was more contextually relevant and not a TurboTax ad.


And to take the cake, who the f%@# thought that chocolate-covered oysters would be remotely funny? M&M’s totally lost me here. 

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

An email was sent out to the team asking for their Super Bowl predictions. We expected mostly the Chiefs or the Eagles. But here is what we got instead:

“Football is dumb”
“Whatever Zac says”
“Rihanna is already the winner”

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