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August 2021

SEO and More For Recruitment

Search Engine Optimization For Job Postings

Recruitment is a huge issue right now and companies across all industries are struggling to stay staffed in a post-pandemic world. It is essential that your online job postings are easily found and acted on. There are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure your postings can be found and shared online.


Most job seekers use the internet to find a job so it is incredibly important that your online job postings are optimized for organic search. Your job posting needs to come up in Google’s job board or in the first few SERPs in order to receive applicants.

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The Core Update is Complete...How Did You Fare?

Google announced on July 15th that the second (and final) phase of the June 2021 Core Update was completed. This update focused on user experience as a major ranking factor. So things like mobile-friendliness and core web vitals – load time, time to interactivity, stability of content – now play a much larger role in Google’s algorithm.


Since the update is now complete, it is time to start babysitting your website’s analytics and search rankings. Keep an eye out for drops in organic traffic and keyword rankings. It is best to act on these changes now to ensure that if you are to lose traffic and rankings, you don’t lose too much.

A Website Built for Pittsburgh's #1 Luxury Home Builder

Costa Homebuilders has trusted RedShift for digital marketing support for a number of years. This year, it was time to bid farewell to an old and outdated website, and say hello to a mobile-friendly, easy to use site that truly reflects the exceptional dream homes Costa builds for their customers. We implemented custom features and bold photos without sacrificing the speed or user-experience for site visitors. Check out the new site (and be in awe of their beautiful builds while you’re there)!

Hang Your Hat

The Driving Force Behind Conversion

Marketing starts with the words. The messaging, the headlines, the captions – the words get the prospects to act. While images and creative may draw attention, the words drive emotions and conversions. There’s a reason the number one marketing book of all time is Eugene Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising. We should be paying attention to the words, and not just glossing over headlines, captions, or ad copy. That being said, watch this video. It has been my favorite of all time since it was released in 2014.

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